1. Remove contents of THeCan carrying case. Plug the female end of the power cord into the back of THeCan, just below the logo. Insert the male end of the cord into wall outlet.

The Can Vaporizer Plug

2.Grind your favorite smokeable herb and lightly pack it into the frosted end of the whip. The easiest way to pack the bowl is to use the whip like a vacuum suck the herbs into the bowl. The Whip Clip Poker is great for packing, stirring, and cleaning this end of the whip.

3. Gently place the frosted male end into the female frosted glass receiver within THeCan. Twist male end slightly for a snug fit. Place the Whip Clip between the first hump in the inserted whip and THeCan.

The Can Vaporizer Clip The Can Vaporizer Clip and Whip

4. Power up THeCan by turning the knob clockwise. You will hear a click, this is HIGH. Turning more in a clockwise direction will turn DOWN the heat (left high, right low).

The Can Vaporizer On Knob

5. Wait for about 4-5 minutes for everything to warm up. The element will glow red and the glass elbow will become HOT!! DO NOT TOUCH!!!

The Can Vaporizer glowing hot element

6. Draw vapors from the mouthpiece end of the whip. Slow, even draws work best. DO NOT BLOW OR EXHALE into the mouthpiece.

The Can Vaporizer inhale through the whip

7. You may or may not see a vapor when you exhale. A lower heat setting will produce a lighter vapor, while a higher setting will produce a heavier one. The amount of vapor produced will also vary based on the quality of herbs you are using.

8. When your herbs are spent, they will generally turn a light brownish color and give a taste similar to burned popcorn. At this point, you can dispose of them by gently tapping your bowl, or using a poker to gently scrape them out).

9. If herbs fall into the receiver, turn THeCan over and gently shake to remove.

10. For best results, KEEP YOUR SCREEN CLEAN! A few extras are included with your Can. Use the Whip-Clip poker to assist in replacing the screen.